Low Costs and High Value


We buy our material direct from the mill to the lengths that we specify, and receive it by rail at our facility. This reduces costs, and also saves time. Our facility has adequate storage for raw materials as well as finished goods so that we can marshal steel to the job site in an order and on a schedule that fits the job.

We use computer controlled fabricating equipment that reduces our shop hours while producing more accurate parts. Some of our equipment is accurate to within thousandths of an inch, and we have used it to lower fit-up and welding time in our shop as well as the field. All of our equipment is shared and amortized among four separate businesses within our company.

We are able to bond at a low rate, and in most cases, contractors do not see a need for us to bond. We are also able to properly finance our work and will not require dual party checks for our suppliers and special advances to fund start up, delay, or other normal problems.

We are fully certified by AISC to do any kind of structural fabrication, and have in house AWS certified weld inspectors. We do not require expensive, outside, certified inspection of welding. We also reduce welding on a job with bolted connections - eliminating inspection time, speeding up the erector and creating a more easily maintained building in the process.

We foresee and bid what will be required to provide a complete job. We do not use low quantities based on incomplete drawings that can lead to substantial extras and delays as the job progresses. Yet, if we are requested to do so, we provide information that will safeguard against these difficulties.

We provide budgeting assistance and cost saving suggestions based on experience going back to 1936. Zimmerman Metals looks upon each job as a potential for a long term relationship and an opportunity to provide predictable, dependable service that saves time and money for everyone.

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