Some Beams

There are two opposing schools of thought in construction.

One school of thought focuses on the low number on bid day. This means that one beam is the same as another, regardless of who fabricates it.

The other school of thought focuses on value. This means that construction is a goal to produce a specific structure.

A Specific Structure

Zimmerman Metals focuses on value. We have taken extraordinary measures to lower our costs and to provide the hassle-free performance that our customers have come to expect.

Experience and Capability

Zimmerman Metals is a full service fabrication company. We provide a complete steel package: from embeds that are needed right away to site rails needed for a certificate of occupancy. The range of jobs we specialize in varies from 25,000 square feet up to several million square feet, and 100 Tons up to 10,000 Tons.

Office Buildings

Bridges, Trusses and Special Buildings

Miscellaneous Steel

Qualifications and Trade Organizations

Zimmerman Metals is fully AISC certified for structural fabrication, and has full-time, in-house AWS certified inspectors. We are also long-time members of the trade organizations below:

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